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About us | Bucharest Lawyer | Argeș Lawyer

A different type of law firm, because we care.

The difference is made by the lawyer’s involvement and sense of responsibility; these are the traits that bring you closer to perfection.

  • Reliability

    Yes means yes and no means no, we keep our promise and believe in mutual honesty

  • Vitality

    We like what we do, we are always vibrant and energetic.

  • Involvement

    We get totally involved in every particular case, we know that this is the stamp of professionalism.

  • Transparency

    From us you will find out in advance and transparently what your legal action entails: expectations, costs, time.

  • Confidence

    This is the value on which we build our relations with all our clients and we believe that this is the only way to do it.

  • Openness

    Social relations, including commercial ones, are constantly evolving and diversifying; we have learned to adapt as soon as possible to any new problem, in order to solve it.

Stoian Claudiu

Co-founder – Qualified Lawyer at Stoian and Rotari

Stoian Claudiu - find out more

  • Mr. Stoian Claudiu is a young lawyer, licensed in Romanian law, graduate of the Faculty of Law within the University of Bucharest. He attended the License 3 courses of the Franco-Romanian Law College and for a period of one year he studied in the education system of the Paris University 1, Pantheone Sorbonne, in Paris, obtaining the Master’s degree in “Droit International des Affaires”.
  • Mr. Stoian Claudiu has the formation of a Litigation Lawyer, his specialized field being represented by private law, especially the branches of civil and commercial law. Mr. Stoian’s court experience includes both cases having as object the contractual or delictual liability as well as causes pertaining to real estate, real actions or even from the field of family law.
    In addition to the branches of private law, Mr. Stoian has had the opportunity to work, for a period of approximately one year, in the field of criminal law, as a result of a fruitful collaboration with two law firms with over 12 years old pf experience in the field. The cases in which Mr. Stoian was a representative were among the most extensive ones, involving the activity of assistance and representation before the General Prosecutor’s Office, DIICOT or DNA, as well as before all the degrees of jurisdiction of the judicial courts.
  • At present, Mr. Stoian is continuing to assist clients in criminal cases, as an activity adjacent to that in the field of civil law.
    The thorough studies and the accumulated knowledge as well as a developed practical sense, give Mr. Stoian the necessary qualities to address with professionalism, both classical legal issues, as well as the ones that go beyond his area of expertise.

Rotari Dumitru

Co-founder – Qualified Lawyer at Stoian and Rotari

Rotari Dumitru - find out more

  • Mr. Rotari Dumitru has a Bahelor’s Degree in Law, graduate of the Faculty of Law within the University of Bucharest, as well as a Master’s Degree in Business Law, achieved from the same educational institution. Mr. Rotari is a member of the Bucharest Bar and has assisted various clients as lawyer in their relations with the Romanian public authorities (The National Trade Register Office, the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks, the National Agency for Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising, the National House of Public Pensions, the National Authority for Citizenship, etc.)
    Over the years of practice, Mr. Rotari has acquired a wide experience in fields such as: consultancy in commercial contracts, corporate law, industrial property and copyright. He was involved in complex projects of mergers-divisions of some economic agents with important influences on the Romanian business market.
  • Mr. Rotari excels in the consultancy activity aimed at drafting, modifying and revising contracts having as object the rental of commercial spaces, providing services or barters, sales contracts, novation contracts, sponsorship contracts, etc., as well as the related additional documents.
    Mr. Rotari’s rich experience is mainly reflected in the ability to draft the statutory documents of a legal person (companies, associations, foundations, etc.), succeeding every time to cover the client’s needs.
  • As part of the collaborations with two renowned law firms in Bucharest, Mr. Rotari was delegated with direct supervision and control over the relationship with the National Trade Register Office and with the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks.
    Last but not least, in supplementing the indubitable qualities of a business lawyer, Mr. Rotari Dumitru represented his clients with professionalism before the courts.

  • We care – we get involved in our particular case with the object of finding the optimal solution
  • We listen – we think our success depends on how we communicate, that’s why we pay more attention to these aspects
  • We believe in the idea of prevention – we rely on preventive legal advice that allows for the avoidance of unwanted litigation situations
  • Transparency – we give you the correct and transparent costs, the time estimates on your particular case and the chances of success
  • You save time – we believe in efficiency and we know how important time is for you as well, that’s why we have built a system for optimizing the working time
  • Experience – we may not have 25 years of experience in the field, but the last 12 years have helped us consolidate the foundation of this law firm
  • We are young – we have energy, we have a strong desire to succeed, we have a very good educational background and we are responsible