Stoian and Rotari Law Office - Bucharest Law Firm
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Stoian and Rotari Law Office | Bucharest Law Firm

Stoian and Rotari lawyers in Bucharest are a law firm that provides legal services to individuals and businesses.

Our experienced attorneys specialize in a wide range of legal areas, including corporate law, civil law, criminal law, family law, and more. We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality legal advice and representation.

The difference is the involvement, how responsible a law firm is, how involved it is, how much it matters to it that everything done for the client is perfect.


We fully respect each client, we are fully involved in each project. This is our recipe for success, that is how we came to these results.


In this profession, listening plays a key role, because it allows for the understanding of the client’s needs and for obtaining critical information for success.


We put our stake on communication. We tell you in a transparent manner about what it means to collaborate with us, the costs, the time estimates, the solving strategies.


Our goal is to find the solution for your problems. Equally important is the prevention part, for avoiding unwanted litigation situations.


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Stoian Claudiu

Stoian Claudiu

Co-founder - Qualified Lawyer at Stoian and Rotari
Rotari Dumitru, avocat titular Stoian si Rotari, cabinet de avocatura Bucuresti, law

Mr. Rotari Dumitru has a Bahelor's Degree in Law, graduate of the Faculty of Law within the University of Bucharest He acquired the Master's Degree in Business Law, within the same educational institution, member of the Bucharest Bar.

Rotari Dumitru

Co-founder - Qualified Lawyer at Stoian and Rotari

Topics of interest

Find information quickly and book an appointment on the following topics

Abusive Clauses and Datio in Solutum

This topic is one of national interest. We have dealt with a large number of requests on this topic from all over the country.

Legal services for trading companies

A great majority of our clients come from the business environment.. We have developed a great experience in solving the problems specific to trading companies. More information below

Vehicle Tax Recovery

If you have a vehicle for which you paid the first registration tax, we help you recover it. Nowadays, the law allows for the recovery of this tax, we fully support you in this endeavor.

Acquisition of citizenship

Some of our colleagues speak Russian and Ukrainian fluently, which is why we specialize in solving citizenship problems for people in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine who want to acquire Romanian citizenship.

* The gratuity is valid until October 15 and is intended for the consultancy only on the 4 topics above.

Find out more about us – Stoian and Rotari Law Firm

We are a team of professionals We care, we think that in this profession, the difference is the degree of involvement. We work hard, analyze a lot and offer simple, clear, efficient solutions.


Find out more about us, about our experience, about our studies, about the values we believe in, about our team, about our vision and about how we work.


Read more about the expertise fields of our Law Firm. The experience of over 12 years (6 + 6) and the large number of clients have allowed us to develop skills in many fields.


We reply to each request. Moreover, between September 20 and October 20 we provide free consultancy on the issues of commercial and legal law.


Our law firm can address and advise both using legal English, as a language of international circulation, as well as French and Russian languages. It is worth mentioning that we provide services to citizens of the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Russia or other states in the former Soviet area in their administrative actions on the territory of the Romanian state.

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Fields of expertise

Casă de avocatură – Stoian și Rotari


cabienet de avocatura, Bucuresti, consultanta, startup


cabienet de avocatura, Bucuresti, consultanta retail, comert, drept comercial, litigii comercial


cabienet de avocatura, Bucuresti, consultanta restaurante


cabienet de avocatura, Bucuresti, consultanta productie, producatori romani si straini


cabienet de avocatura, Bucuresti, consultanta domeniul medical


cabienet de avocatura, Bucuresti, consultanta domeniul hotelier, hotel, turism


cabienet de avocatura, Bucuresti, consultanta domeniul energetic


cabienet de avocatura, Bucuresti, consultanta constructii


cabienet de avocatura, Bucuresti, consultanta domeniul auto


cabienet de avocatura, Bucuresti, consultanta investitori, investiii


Consultanta Juridica ARTISTI, Stoian si Rotari, cabinet avocati, drepturi de autor


We care – Stoian and Rotari Law Firm

This is what makes us different and on this truth we lay the foundation of our collaboration.