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Establishment of an enterprise on the territory of Romania

Establishment of an enterprise on the territory of Romania

Establish an enterprise on the territory of Romania

If you wish to establish an enterprise on the territory of Romania, there are several basic elements that you ought to be aware of:

  • firstly, the capacity of shareholders of a company may be held both by natural persons and by other enterprises, both Romanian and foreign;
  • enterprises are registered with the Trade Register Office and the establishment of the company starts by reserving a name for it; we recommend you to provide several name variants, in order to avoid the refusal by the authority for reasons that the name you choose is already registered;
  • the company must also have a share capital, of minimum 200 lei (in case of a limited liability company – called SRL in Romania), constituted, most often, by a bank deposit (the capital may also be constituted of goods);
  • the company must also have a registered office on the territory of Romania, proven by a lease, free-loan, sale contract, etc.;
  • last, but not least, the Romanian law allows for the establishment, in the course of one year, of the registered office of the company at the professional office of the attorney (naturally, this office is not the one where the company is to carry out its activity, it will only be used as the mailing address).

In order to set up an enterprise, we recommend using the services of a lawyer with experience in corporate law. Such a lawyer is able to guide you both during the establishment procedure, and subsequently. You will find it useful to cooperate with such an expert particularly when you need to have the articles of incorporation drafted, or in the interaction with the public authorities, or when it comes to knowing the legal provisions regarding what rights and interdictions the future shareholders will have, and to avoid certain sanctions from the authorities. All these services may be provided by our specialists, and we also have the possibility to recommend you full accounting services to cover all the necessary experts that a future prosperous company will need.


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