Summit | Business Law | Good Practice Seminar - Stoian și Rotari | Law Office
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Summit | Business Law | Good Practice Seminar


Law in Business


Dear entrepreneur,

Thank you for taking this road to reach the top, we know that this world has a chance to become a better world because of people like you. We know that your path is a difficult one, we know that every day you are told to stop doing what you like, what you very well know to do to solve issues that relate to other spheres: law, employees, IT, marketing and many more others.

We invite you on Friday, October 20th, to give you a helping hand on your way to reach the top. For an hour we will talk to you about the most important topics of business law that influence you or that can influence you in the near future. For another hour, we’ll answer your questions about issues that concern business law.

We know that your time is precious, which is why we will be strict, to the point and very relevant. The event will take place on Friday, October 20th, at Seneca Anticafe, starting from 17:00 hours. The course is free (participants will only pay the fee for the time spent at SENECA – 1 hour – 8 lei).

We hope to have enough time to answer all the questions we will receive. To be sure your question will get an answer, write to us in the form below. We will respond with priority to questions received online, and within the time limits, to the questions asked on the spot.

Friday, October 20, from 17:00 to 19:00, at Seneca Anticafe.

Topics addressed

1. Corporate Law

Records from the Trade Register; what to choose between setting up a limited liability company and a self-employed person (in terms of taxes and duties, methods of incorporation, etc.).

2. Labor Law Matters

  • Recovery of wage rights
  • Challenging unlawful dismissal decisions
  • Requesting the compliance with other employee rights
  • Compliance with the procedural details in conducting the dismissal
  • Challenging the reports concluded by the TLI inspectors


3. Recovery of Debts

  • Situation of enforceable titles – court judgments, promissory notes, loan and lease contracts, other titles
  • Statement of claims ascertained by invoices (with or without contract concluded between parties)

4. Bonus themes (also targets natural persons) - abusive clauses in consumer contracts

  • What an unfair clause is
  • Who are the consumers
  • Credit agreements having companies as debtors
  • What protection do consumers have against such clauses
  • When abusive clauses can be challenged in court
  • What are the effects following the cancellation of such clauses
  • Manners of defense against the bank’s foreclosure
    • Term for challenging
    • Abusive clauses in the foreclosure procedure
    • Procedure started by authorized agents as legal entities
    • Credit agreement assigned before or during the procedure
  • Payment procedure – suspension foreclosure effect
Your questions

We try to follow the schedule and answer all the questions. In order to be sure you get an answer to your question, send it through the form below. We respond with priority to questions coming through the form.

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Seneca AntiCafe – Official website

Friday, October 20, from 17:00 to 19:00, at Seneca Anticafe.

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